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Okay so there’s this huge thing that happened yesterday when a teacher from our school posted on social media and said “The band and their begging all over town is annoying and embarrassing. Have some pride.” Also this  was in the comments. I’m trying to think of a response but I am too furious to say anything. HELP.

Okay, first of all if you want the band to be subject to drug testing, maybe you should give them the same benefits as a sports team. That includes respect. You think it’s easy being in band? You think we just have fun all day and don’t work as hard as a sports team? We fundraise more than any other sports team does, but you know what the problem is? The school board doesn’t see it fit to give us an actual decent amount of money just because we aren’t a ‘sports’ team. I would like to see you do band because I know for a fact that if you did it for one day, you would not be saying any of this.

Okay FIRST OF ALL, the drug testing is so that they know the athletes aren’t cheating HOW THE FLYING MONKEY SHIT ARE DRUGS SUPPOSED TO GIVE BAND MEMBERS AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!? “Let lemme just pop some roids so I have all of this pent up energy and my baritone is the loudest one out there.” What the fuck? That is NOT how music works. Second of all, yeah ^^^is right, we do fundraise more than any sportsteam BECAUSE we don’t get the same funding as them. You think my highschool football team needs 5 coaches? I don’t know but who cares if my band director has to teach band AND chorus and still be expected to write all this music for our extra variety shows and other things, because music doesn’t matter right?! I am beyond livid right now because something similar just happened with a teacher at my school who has been very close friends with my band director for a long time. I couldn’t believe the amount of prejudice against band kids returning from a trip (for which me only missed two days of school….how many total days does his goddamn football team miss for leaving early? I’d like to add it up and shove it in his face)…again don’t repeat these things but holy cornbread this is utter ridiculousness. I absolutely hate it!

Holy cornbread is right. Idk what state your in but in central Texas marching band is a huge thing. Nearly as huge as the football team. Then of course you have drum corps, which no one really knows about but you know how hard people work to pay of your fees and fundraise for those things. And idk about y’all but we have to pay to get into any event hosted by the school for band. Five bucks a ticket doesn’t sound like a lot but about 2 parents per kid with around 300 students performing is a lot of dough, that’s not even including the random aunt, uncle, or grandparent. I’m also not aware on exactly how your concession stands work at certain events, but here the teams rotate. Cheer takes over for this game and they get the money, next is the soccer team, then band etc. then to go on trips if you don’t fundraise enough it’s out of your pocket. And costumes and uniforms and instruments are not cheap, so loosen up you dickwad and realize that if they’re asking for a small donation, it’s because they’ve probably already come up with nearly everything they need but they can’t scrape up that last $20. They do have pride, and respect for themselves, they have so much passion for what they’re doing they’re willing to embarrass themselves by begging. I’m sure if your ATHLETES program were running out of money there’s be doing similar things.
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